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24:120 Ecos Del Bosque

"24-120: Echoes of the Forest" reflects on the privilege of listening to an endangered soundscape under constant threat. The artwork preserves a two-hour excerpt from the cloud forest of Chocó, situated in the territories of Colombia and Ecuador, one of the most biodiverse places on the planet.

Although Article 71 of the Ecuadorian Constitution recognizes nature as a subject of rights, these rights continue to be violated by deforestation for economic activities such as monoculture, oil exploitation, and mining.

The installation is a contemporary representation of the forest, inviting the visitor to inhabit a mimesis of nature while traversing a minimalist space that transforms in color and sensation as the soundscape varies.


The sound component of the piece is recorded in atmospheric 5.1 format and is a synthesis of a day in the primary forest played back for 2 hours continuously. In this way, the piece displays the changes in wildlife inhabiting the reserve and enables monitoring the state of the primary forest through its sounds. The recorded material was analyzed and presented as a record of the sounds of the species that inhabit that ecosystem.

DSC05653 Grande.png
DSC05601 Grande.png

The piece serves as a historical archive of an endangered soundscape. Simultaneously, it also functions as a research-oriented work, as it contains a record of many endemic species from that ecosystem. Finally, it operates as an 'acousmatic' sound composition.

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